Welcome to Maelgwyn Mineral Services Africa

Maelgwyn Mineral Services Africa (MMSA) is a privately owned limited company registered in South Africa.

The company is an established world leader in the development and implementation of tailor-made innovative cost effective mineral processing technologies and processes, including

  • Imhoflot™ pneumatic flotation.
  • Aachen™ reactors for high shear oxidation.
  • Patented Leachox™ process for partial oxidation and leaching of refractory gold ores.
  • Patented CN-D™ cyanide destruction process.

Commercial mineral processing and metallurgical testwork vital for the development of the process design is done in our fully equipped metallurgical laboratory and pilot plant whilst applying our technologies and processes.

Laboratory And Pilot Plant

The types of metallurgical and mineral processing testwork include, but are not limited to:

  • Ultrafine grinding
  • Particle size classification
  • Gravity concentration
  • Gold leaching by bottle roll and stirred tank methods
  • Pre-oxidation prior to gold leaching
  • Base metal leaching
  • Cyanide destruction

Laboratory and pilot scale testwork

  • Rod and ball milling
  • Conventional and pneumatic flotation

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Imhoflot™ Pneumatic Flotation Technology

Imhoflot™ pneumatic mineral flotation technology has evolved through 25 years of industrial applications.

The development of the patented Imhoflot™ G and H-Cells followed, reducing the size of vessels considerably by using centrifugal forces in the cell to rapidly separate the phases after mineral collection.

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Aachen™ Oxidation Technology

The Aachen™ reactor is designed to facilitate mass transfer by increasing the dispersion of gas in a process fluid or slurry, resulting in improved gas utilisation and efficiencies. Typical applications are leaching of gold ores with cyanide, chemical and wastewater treatment processes where large amounts of gases are required to be dissolved in fluids. The reactor is especially efficient for high rate oxidation of sulphides, since the slurry (solution stream) is accelerated at the gas addition point and this increases shear rates in the subsequent flow mixing zone.  The phase interface surface area at this point in the mixing zone is maximised by means of a proprietary gas diffusion system which generates extremely fine gas bubbles. The total operating pressure of a unit can be selected according to the requirements of the process.

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Leachox™ Technology

Leachox™ process for the treatment of sulphide gold ores has been developed by MMS, and the process and key technology is covered by patent protection. MMS does metallurgical testing and project evaluation under suitable confidentiality conditions, after which the process is offered to clients under a licence agreement arrangement.

The Leachox™ process can be applied to refractory or double refractory ores that contain “preg robbers”. Treatment of standard, non-refractory, flotation and gravity concentrates are cost effective, compared to alternative methods.

Leachox™ is implemented at three refractory gold operations in Africa and one gold operation in Kazakhstan.

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CN-D™ Cyanide Destruction Technology

Cyanide use in mining applications is a reason for concern and this has led to the introduction of a voluntary code of conduct: The International Cyanide Management Code, administered by the independent International Cyanide Management Institute. As per the code, the Weak Acid Dissociable “WAD” cyanide levels exiting the processing plant to the tailings storage area are limited to 50 parts per million (ppm). Cyanide destruction methods are required to achieve this tough specification, posing considerable cost implications to the mines.

The cost-effective MMS CN-D™ process has been developed by MMS to comply to the strict effluent limits of 50 ppm as prescribed by The International Cyanide Management Code. The Aachen Reactors, MMS’s proprietary mass transfer reactors, along with the use of oxygen, carbon, selected reagents and catalysts, efficiently and economically destroy all forms of cyanide, including WAD cyanide, to levels well below 50 ppm. Complementary to the standard Carbon in Pulp and Carbon in Leach (CIP/CIL) process plants, the process optimises kinetics in the leach train, minimising gold losses to tailings and destroys cyanide. The MMS CN-D™ process is offered to clients under a licence agreement arrangement.

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