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A world leader in the development and implementation of effective mineral processing technologies and processes

Imhoflot™ Pneumatic Flotation Technology

Imhoflot™ Pneumatic Flotation Technology has evolved through 25 years of industrial applications.

The development of the patented Imhoflot G and H-Cells followed, reducing the size of vessels considerably by using centrifugal forces in the cell to rapidly separate the phases after mineral collection.



Metallurgical Laboratory

Maelgwyn’s Metallurgical Laboratory was established in 2009 and conducts commercial mineral processing and metallurgical testwork for process design purposes, including the application of Maelgwyn’s proprietary technologies and processes.

Aachen™ Reactor Technology

The Aachen™ Reactor is designed to facilitate mass transfer by increasing the dispersion of gas in a process fluid or slurry, resulting in improved gas utilisation and efficiencies. Typical applications are leaching of gold ores with cyanide, chemical and wastewater treatment processes where large amounts of gases are required to be dissolved in fluids. The reactor is especially efficient for high rate oxidation of sulphides, since the slurry (solution stream) is accelerated at the gas addition point and this increases shear rates in the subsequent flow mixing zone.


Metallurgical Consulting

With the considerable experience residing with the MMSA key staff, the following areas of expertise can be drawn on for process development or consultation purposes:

  • Flotation and associated design and process issues
  • Gold processing (gravity, pre-oxidation steps, leach technology)
  • Cyanide management (one of the staff members is a ICMI Technical Expert Auditor)
  • Arsenic management, general environmental compliance issues


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